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Your Carpenter Bee Extermination Specialist!

Carpenter Bee

You may be hoping there isn’t a carpenter bee nest in your home, knock on wood! If so, give us a call for a carpenter bee treatment before they do thousands of dollars in damage.

Brooks Pest Control specializes in identifying and removing carpenter bee infestations in homes. Our pest technicians inspect and detect the root of the problem and apply a treatment to exterminate the carpenter bee nest. We can also advise you on the best way to repair carpenter bee damage.

Carpenter Bee Nests

Carpenter bees create nests with round (half-inch diameter) entrance holes. While other bees build hives the carpenter bee prefers a nest. This bee truly is a “carpenter,” tunneling into the wood of a tree limb, beam, deck, porch rail, or bench.

Call us today (or schedule a carpenter bee removal service online) to rid your home of carpenter bees.