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Throw a Ball? Backyard Barbecue? You Bet!

Brooks Pest Control is a full service pest control and mosquito treatment company offering the best mosquito extermination and yard spraying treatments locally available. It’s one of our specialties!

How Our Mosquito Treatment Works

We hit the mosquito problem with a multi-pronged control process.

Step 1) Reduce all hotbeds for mosquito reproduction

Step 2) Target the egg cycle of the mosquito infestation by treating foliage and other sources of mosquito activity

Step 3) Keep the pressure on throughout the mosquito season to reduce future mosquito reproduction so you can have your yard back!

We are honored to have grown to be a neighborhood favorite for quality mosquito control and exterminating services in San Fernando. Please call (or book a mosquito service online) today to remove mosquitoes from your front and backyard!

You’ll enjoy a mosquito free yard again!