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Cockroach Removal Service

Our highly effective cockroach control protocol begins with identifying which type of roaches are causing the infestation. We have a specially designed cockroach extermination program for each specific and separate roach species.

Cockroach Treatment Steps

Our Roach Treatment includes the following:

Identification: Each type of roach has specific food and habitat preferences. We identify the roach type first, before deploying a treatment application.

Detecting the Scope of the Infestation: We evaluate what rooms or areas are infested with roaches. We are looking for live and dead roaches, shed skins and fecal matter.

Cockroach Treatment: Treatment includes sanitation measures to remove food sources and professionally placed sprays and baits to eliminate cockroach populations.

  • American Cockroach – Sometimes called Palmetto Bugs

  • Oriental Cockroach – Sometimes referred to as Water bugs

  • German Roach – Usually found inside kitchens or bathrooms. Easily identified be striped pattern from head to body. German roach infestations require a special approach to control and exterminate. Learn more about German roach control.

  • Brown-banded Cockroach - often found inside the home, in kitchens, pantries or closets. Sometimes found flying around ceiling space

  • Smokeybrown Cockroach - like to fly from trees onto houses. Known for their dark brown mahogany color.

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