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Wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are beneficial to our ecosystem, but they can be dangerous when they attack. Children, elderly and those allergic to these pests should take care not to disturb their nests but call a wasp removal exterminator to perform a nest removal service.

Wasps include two broad categories – solitary and social wasps. If disturbed, a colony of social wasps can be a very dangerous group.


Paper Wasps

Mud Daubers


Bald-faced Hornets

Ground Hornets


Do you have wasps or hornets building a nest in your roof or attic? If so, call us today. We specialize in removing hornets, yellowjackets (yellow jackets) and wasps by using methods that have been tested for years to be highly effective. We arrive fully equipped with protective stinging insect suits and specialty gear, designed specifically for expert wasp nest removal.

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